I am an accomplished full stack developer well versed in the Laravel ecosystem and I utilize Valet, Forge, VSCode, GIT and TablePlus on a daily basis. I fully embrace, and am a huge proponent of maximizing the entire architecture of Laravel to build and scale robust applications in the cloud. Over the years, I have been involved with a variety of projects including but not limited to E-commerce and Data processing, Dialog and Text Messaging, Payroll Quoting and Customer Acquisition, QR code and Short URL platforms, Reviews platforms, as well as a variety of standard business websites and pages. I am competent in PHP, Laravel, MySQL, Eloquent, Javascript, VueJS, jQuery, HTML, Tailwind, Bootstrap, CSS, GIT, REST APIs, WordPress, and other web development technologies. Let me know if you think my skill set could benefit your business. I look forward to hearing from you. - Hugh


Senior PHP Developer
ShopHero™ April 2020 — Present Provo, Utah I currently manage and maintain the company's legacy Laravel 4.2 e-commerce shopping cart, admin panel, corporate portal, and MySQL databases while also adding new features and functionality to meet the needs of our 400+ grocery store clients. Some accomplishments here include:
  • Built an API implemented by each of our stores that provides data to our corporate portal for onboarding insight.
  • Rebuilt v1 Admin Panel in key areas.
  • Built a new data mapping application to empower non-technical users and enable quicker import of data by our stores.
  • Built a new data import tool to replace legacy store specific import classes.
  • Interface with Support Team regularly to understand Client and End-User needs.
  • Built a QR code system to encourage adoption of our branded mobile app by customers of our client stores.
Web Application Developer
INJEQT™ December 2008 — April 2020 Lehi, Utah Involved in creation of core products and software for clients including web and application development, graphic layout and design, copywriting, audio and video production and editing, client consultation, product research and recommendations, artwork production and proofing, product delivery, and client follow-up. It is second nature for me to be working and communicating directly with clients, suppliers and contractors to create and execute successful print, marketing, trade-show, and other projects to effectively build and grow their business. I can define strategies and develop tactical marketing initiatives to penetrate and grow targeted markets for clients. Created SPAKL™ — a reviews management platform and business opportunity in-a-box for local marketing consultants. Consultants can help local businesses engage their clients to get rank improving reviews that multiply their business. Using SPAKL™, local businesses can climb in the rankings and generate more phone calls that convert to sales with consistency. Created Thankutext™ — an online text messaging service. The system enables businesses to interact directly with their customers including a completely “hands-free” birthday club system, digital comment card, targeted messages, notifications, and a reminder system primarily utilized by automotive repair shops, tire stores, dentists, doctors, and chiropractors. Also branded the software under the name Thankutext™. Created NQODE™ — an online service to “Magic in a QR Code”. The system enables users to dynamically create, configure and manage QR codes. QR codes can be configured as a multi-functional “mobile web app” or simply redirect to a URL of your choice. Created HRMAGIQ™ — A quoting platform specifically designed to quickly generate payroll quotes for businesses. Some unique features include "no refresh" screen calculations (VueJS and Javascript), merged PDF documents, customizable cover sheets, and user role management. Created TWEETSIMPLE™ — Automate the process of finding niche centered followers. Empowered businesses looking to build and manage their presence on Twitter by automating the steps required to build a large targeted following in a specific niche on Twitter. Created BUDGET STARTUPS™ with Peter Brooks. We taught a six month marketing class at Salt Lake Community College (Miller Campus, Sandy UT). The class included topics such as Client List Building, Message Creation, Email strategy, Direct Response Advertising, and more. Created SCOOTSMART™ — A new way to buy a scooter. After visiting multiple factories in China, I designed a system that allowed customers to choose from “31 flavors” (colors) providing up to 361 different color combinations by simply swapping out panels on a scooter. By utilizing this system, inventory levels were drastically reduced and JIT manufacturing became a reality. Along with a redesigned packaging solution made completely out of cardboard, the scooter could be delivered directly to the customer ready to ride, “right out of the box”.
Chief Technology Officer
Blueroof360™ October 2013 — November 2014 Draper, Utah My responsibilities at Blueroof 360 included providing insight and recommendations as well as implementation of both technical and marketing aspects of the company. On a daily basis, I wrote hundreds of lines of code, interfaced with our development team, and worked to stabilize the code base. It was my responsibility to create a new development platform to help the company transition to a new, more manageable and scalable position. Some of my accomplishments here include: Recommended and implemented a Git workflow and revisioning system into our web development process enabling us to virtually eliminate the possibility of errors on our production servers. Identified and recommended removal of major problem in our code that reduced the error rate on our servers from 47% + down to 2%. Setup and implemented the use of Vagrant and Virtual Box (VM) into our web development cycle so the team didn't waste time and energy in disparate development environments. Built a new REST API for Real Estate industry including Agents, Brokers and Developers to access using Basic Auth. Created on top of Laravel 4.2 which interfaced with our REST API. Built a "client side" Geocoder capable of processing tens of thousands of geocodes per day removing the heavy load from our servers. Set up various billing systems for the company and integrated with the STRIPE API to simplify and ultimately reduce the amount of work needed to take care of billing for our customers. Created video script to help clients upgrade their account to a paid version upon sign up. Created and set up an email marketing campaign that generated a 24% response rate within the first 2 hours and that by the second day climbed to over 33% response. This campaign continues to garner over 30% response every time the campaign is executed.
Web & Application Developer
USS™ - United Shipping Solutions August 2007 — November 2008 Salt Lake City, Utah Wasatch Billing / Rock Solid Internet October 2006 — August 2007 American Fork, Utah Worked on various projects for USS™. Primary responsibilities included recreating the company's corporate website and building WebShip version 1.0 for the company. Designed and built “WEBSHIP”, an all inclusive online shipment solution which quoted, shipped, billed and tracked on average 6,000+ packages per month. Customers could quickly get shipment insight from multiple carriers and then “ship” their packages and/or freight via the most economical and efficient methods using bar-coded labels generated on the site. This project included utilization of the LAMP stack and included a large amount of Javascript (before jQuery became popular) to create a streamlined and highly functional user interface for shipping packages online. The new platform allowed customers to quickly create shipments and print shipment labels to be affixed to customer packages in just a few clicks. The new system helped increase overall shipment volume for USS™ and was a welcome addition to their service offerings. Created VISION, a custom franchise management system for USS™ which was utilized by 268 franchise owners to manage their freight and shipping business. Business owners utilized the system to create and track shipments, handle client billing, make adjustments and credits, process and track sales commissions, and manage customer relationships. This system enables a small group of people to manage a multi-million dollar business with minimal resources and time. Rebranded USS™ by creating a new company logo, business cards, invoices and stationery and rebuilding the company website. Managed all domains, co-located servers, dns, and email. Implemented and integrated the FedEx API with the franchisee "webship" application. Worked with a variety of key stakeholders to facilitate and accommodate the needs of the company.
Ad Specialty & Promotional Consultant
iLOGO™ November 1997 - September 2006 Lehi, Utah In 1997, I started iLOGO™, to provide small, medium and large companies with imprinted promotional products customized for their specific needs. I am known to give my customers straightforward and unfiltered advice about their marketing and corporate messaging with promotional products. To date, I have sold, purchased and coordinated production and delivery of well over 1000 unique promotional and imprint projects. Because of my lengthy and unique experience in the field, my clients are able to focus on the core of their business while I manage production timelines and ensure quality results.


Programming “Languages”: PHP, JavaScript, SQL, CSS, HTML5, XML. Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL. JavaScript Libraries: VueJS, BootStrap, jQuery, jQuery Mobile, Sencha, JQTouch, EXTJS Prototype. Web Servers, Platforms & Frameworks: LAMP Stack, Apache, IIS, Vagrant, Docker, Valet, Laravel, Code Igniter, CakePHP, Lithium, Flash, Composer, Node, NPM. Data Formats & Protocols: JSON, XML, FTP, HTTP, SMTP. Methodologies: REST, CRUD, MVC, SaaS, Packagist. Version Control & File Handling: GIT, SVN, Transmit, FileZilla, WinSCP. Templating Engines: Blade, Mustache, Smarty. Text & Code Editors: VSCode, SublimeText, Atom, PHPStorm, Textmate, TextWrangler, TextEdit, FlexBuilder. Design & Video: Affinity Photo & Designer. Adobe Illustrator, Fireworks & Photoshop. Apple iMovie. Business Software: Google Docs, Gmail, Google Drive, Microsoft Office(Word, Excel & PowerPoint), iWorks (Pages, Numbers & Keynote), QuickBooks, FreshBooks, AccountEdge, NetSuite, SugarCRM, SalesForce.

Fluent in both English and Japanese (I think I can still communicate in Japanese). Lived in Japan for a period of 2 years (1990-1992) and visited for business in 1996.

Deep passion for sports and in particular soccer, basketball and golf. I'm not a sports “watcher”... I'm a player. Especially on game day.


Brigham Young University
1989 — 1996 Bachelor of Science (BS), Business Management Cumulative GPA of 3.20 Studies included all areas of business including Finance, Marketing, Entrepreneurship, Strategy, etc. Played for the BYU Soccer team, 1989 & 1992.




Co-Owner at Positive Energy Technologies


I've known Hugh for 30 years. What a likeable guy. He is highly competent with his skills and he cares about taking good care of his clients. He is honest and can think outside of the box.


Owner at PCB Solutions


Hugh is a brilliant programmer with great business acumen. He is able to foresee market trends before they become reality and his insights have been invaluable to our business. Hugh is a great asset.


Web Developer at Pattern

Hugh is knowledgeable about a wide variety of topics. He is honest, always looks out for his clients and is extremely talented at whatever he does.


Owner at Brooks Advertising

Working with Hugh you'll find that he is a unique blend of marketing and technology. I haven't met a person who has a better handle on both.


Owner at Alliance Resource Services

If you have a chance to get involved with Hugh, I'd highly recommend that you do.


VP Sales at Blueroof 360

Hugh resides at the crossroads of technical innovation and lead generation — a rapidly changing intersection, indeed.

When Hugh joined our team he brought with him fresh ideas and a road map for change. Hugh's leadership empowered Blueroof360 to effectively pivot and redirect our focus to adapt to a changing environment and continue to innovate in the real estate tech space.

Thanks to Hugh and his amazing talent we are once again heading down the path to success.

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